Paul Corban

There are two types of Z Owners in the World – Those who are passionate Z’ers, and those who just happen to drive a Z. I happen to fall completely into the first category. I always loved the S30 & S130’s, although I could not get one at the time as I was still too young, or in college, or freshly married, or with a kid, and/or subsequently in the military. By 1990 when I was stationed at Fort Lewis WA, I happened to pass by this awesome looking car that looked so futuristic – I Fell Head Over Heels with it. As it turned out, this was the Z32 Twin Turbo 300Z. Eight years later, and since I was in the Private Sector at the time working as an Electrical Engineer, I finally was able to procure one – used, with high miles, but I was finally driving a dream car of mine and I was ecstatic…

At around the time I took these photos, I was thinking about selling my baby and possibly getting a 350Z. As the date shows, that was a few months prior to Hurricane Katrina which devastated South Louisiana. Well, post Katrina was not good for me, and I had force myself to be patient purchasing a Z. By the time I was ready again, the 370Z was about to come out, so I made the decision to wait a little longer. By 2011 I just couldn’t stand it any longer! I ordered my Z (yep, gave the dealer a specific set of specifications: Silver, 6-speed, Touring, Sport, and No Navigation System as it was $3K more just for that Package!!). And so, in April of 2011, I fell in love again with, and brought home, my present Z34/370Z – and I continually fall in love with my Z every time I see her, drive her or think about her! Yeah, I am an unabashed Z’er, and I couldn’t be prouder! Next time you see me at a GCZC Event, come by and check out my Baby. She’s Bad To The Bone! I’ve done a lot of under the hood upgrades and a few visual cues to enhance her performance and looks, and you will find I am very happy to talk about her at any time! So, Be Warned – Approach at your own Risk…LOL!

Paul's 370Z
Pauls300zx-1 Pauls300zx-2 Pauls370z-1 Pauls370z-2 Paul's 370Z