About our Z Club

First, a brief history on our club started. On Saturday Dec 8, 2012, a few friends, with Z cars of their own, were together at Stingrays Bar & Grill on West Esplanade in Kenner, Louisiana. Out of that little get together, the new club was born and named the “Gulf Coast Z Club”. Though started in Louisiana, an our proximity to the Gulf Coast, they didn’t want to leave anyone out, so it was originally intended to include, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, but be open for anyone in the adjoining Gulf States region. The Club was formed by Z enthusiasts and to this day, still run by a core group who share a passion for these sports cars. The pride of ownership of these cars goes beyond the limits of age groups or a particular focus. Our members include the young and old alike, showing off cars from the late 60’s through present time, from brands across Datsun, Nissan, and Infinity.

So, as diverse a group as we are, what is it that brings us together successfully, and grows our club? What is the focus of the Gulf Coast Z Club? Plain and simple, we are a club founded in our love of our Z cars. Our pride in ownership and our passion for driving these wonderful sports cars. These are icons of the road that turn heads and brings nods of appreciation from other drivers. We try to further promote the Z car to other like-minded individuals. But most of all, it is the camaraderie of being with other Z enthusiasts, to enjoy a get together where one can see close up the history of the Z and compare original with new. To be able to discuss the details of a stock Z or a modified Z amongst ourselves and find answers to questions about our vehicles that help us maintain them mechanically or aesthetically. To promote all of this, we try to hold regular meetings that bring us together to discuss club particulars, cruises to enjoy driving our sports cars to different events and venues, tech shops to educate us further about our cars, as well as organize trips for major Z events such as ZATTACK in Nashville, Tennessee, ZDAYZ in Branson Missouri, or other conveniently located major events that are within a weekend’s drive from our club’s base location.

Our club is also a Member Club of the Z Car Club Association (ZCCA) which holds many advantages to our club members such as discounts with various Z parts vendors, provides for insurance coverage for our events, national Z convention registration discounts, and being associated with a national organization with direct communication to Nissan North America just to name a few. So finally, why Gulf Coast Z Club? It is because it is essentially your club for your Z. That is our focus, our mission, and our goal. So, welcome Z owner to your club. We hope to see you and our Z at our next meeting!

We found a list of production runs for early ‘Z’ cars, courtesy of ZCCA, click here.